David Barns was known by many for the way he fought cancer with his faith and hope for life. More than that, he was a truly special person with the ability to leave a lasting impression. An interview conducted while David was fighting cancer captured his everlasting perspective on life. David left us with this quote, “You always gotta have faith. You always gotta have hope. Because at the end of the day, if you have those, you will have life.” David’s family is devoted to continuing his legacy. He inspired the formation of David’s Faith & Hope for Life Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting and inspiring individuals enduring hardships caused by adverse medical conditions. Additionally, the Foundation aims to continue David’s legacy as a student, athlete, and coach.

During his battle with cancer, David witnessed firsthand the high cost of health care. The Foundation will devote a portion of its resources to providing financial support to individuals facing life altering medical-related conditions. Additionally, it is our hope that together we can build on David’s ability to positively impact student athletes for generations to come. The Foundation will provide annual scholarship grants to college bound students that exemplify his integrity, commitment, and leadership. Furthermore, the Foundation will continue to hold the B&D Basketball Camps. These camps were one of David’s greatest passions; he used his annual B&D Basketball Camps to teach skills, accountability, teamwork, and leadership skills. David possessed a distinct ability to share his basketball knowledge and to use it as a tool to teach young people about the game on the court, but more importantly, he taught everyone lucky enough to know him about the game of life.

Our Board Members

Stacey Barns
President & Director

Sarah Abbey
Secretary & Director

Maribeth Boggs
Treasurer & Director

Gary Barns

Kyle Gianotti


Wayne Wilson

Briana Vargo

Marty Boisture